Protecting Your Investment with No Additional Costs!

Protection plans purchased from TechMonk are provided to ensure customers devices are working as intended at from the date of purchase until the expiration date of their plan not to exceed 4 years for a New Mac, 3 Years for a New iPad, and 1 Year for a Pre-Owned device.
Devices covered under protection plans are covered up to and no more than the original value of the device.  Claims made against the device will be combined until the original purchase value threshold has been met. A maximum of two claims per iPad and three claims per Mac are eligible.
Repairs do not require a deductible at time of service.  All repair parts and labor are covered under Karma+ as long as there is no malice intent detected. 
Claims must be made through a TechMonk retail location or online at www.techmonklabs.com/pages/warranty-claim.
Karma+ Protection Plans are not a warranty. They are a protection plan that ensures your device will work as intended for the length of the protection plan.
Mac Plans last a total of 4 years and iPad Plans last a total of 3 years.
TechMonk retains the ability to change the program at any time with or without notice. 

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