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These tiny little objects known as AirPods are one of the most popular products by Apple. According to the 2020 statistics, over 100 million AirPods have been sold till then. Don’t judge them by their size. They incorporate massive technology in their little bodies and produce great sounds. Do you want to know what more AirPods can offer? Read out further to know:

1. Portable

When you are jogging, reading, or attending important conference calls, AirPods are your best companion to carry along with you and save you from outer distraction.

2. Integration with Apple devices

The AirPods have arrived to drive away your frustration with Bluetooth pairing. As soon as you place AirPods near your iPhone, you get a popup message asking if you want to pair them. With a single tap, you can pair these AirPods to any kind of Apple device.

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