Unlocking the Power of App Shortcuts: How to use and customize them

Unlocking the Power of App Shortcuts: How to use and customize them

The Shortcuts app on Apple devices is a powerful tool that allows users to automate various tasks and streamline their workflow. However, not everyone is aware of its capabilities or how to use it effectively. To help with this, Apple and developers offer a feature called App Shortcuts.

App Shortcuts are a combination of custom actions and pre-created shortcuts for the Shortcuts app. They can be found by opening the Shortcuts app on an iPhone or iPad and looking for the App Shortcuts section in the sidebar list on iPad or by touching the “< Shortcuts” button on iPhone. Once there, users can see which applications offer these shortcuts and choose the app that interests them. A simple touch on the shortcut or quick function will execute it, while the three-dot button offers the option to use it as a new shortcut.

This new shortcut creation interface allows users to add other actions before or after the pre-created shortcut to automate exactly what they need. For example, connecting a VPN when leaving home or recording a voice note and automatically sending it to someone in a single step. It's expected that more and more applications will offer these shortcut functions over time. As of now, the Apple Voice Notes app is available to test these functions.

App Shortcuts provide an excellent starting point for users who want to take full advantage of their devices and the Shortcuts app. With part of the work already done, users can customize their apps and create more capable shortcuts as more actions become available. It's a great way to explore the capabilities of the Shortcuts app and get the most out of our devices.

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