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The iPhone 15 Pro will have a RAM memory never seen in the phone, according to analystsb

According to analysts at Haitong International Securities in Hong Kong, the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro could come with a whopping 8 GB of RAM, a significant increase from the iPhone 14 Pro's 6 GB. This increased memory capacity would allow for more demanding applications to run smoothly and allow for more apps to be open at the same time.

This news puts the rumored "A17" chip in the iPhone 15 Pro on par with the memory capabilities of Apple's M1 chips. It's possible that this extra RAM could enable new features and capabilities for the iPhone, such as the ability to run a more robust operating system or utilize Stage Manager.

While we'll have to wait until September to see if these rumors hold up, it's possible that we may get a glimpse at the iPhone 15's capabilities at WWDC23 in June, where we'll see the debut of iOS 17 and other new versions of Apple's operating systems. Stay tuned for more updates on the highly anticipated iPhone 15.

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