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Staying Healthy with an Apple Watch While Working From Home

Staying Healthy with an Apple Watch While Working From Home

With so many of us relying on remote work, it can be a challenge to stay healthy during this pandemic. Fortunately, Apple Watch can help. Its comprehensive health tracking features provide valuable insights into your daily activity and sleep habits that can help you stay fit and healthy while working from home.

Set Goals

Using the Activity app on your Apple Watch, you can set customized goals to track your progress. The app provides three rings representing Move, Exercise, and Stand goals. Once you select your goal type, Apple Watch will measure how close you are to completing each one with a colorful ring-shaped graph. It also allows you to set reminders to keep yourself motivated throughout the day.

Track Your Sleep

The Sleep app is another great tool that helps you track your sleep patterns including quality of sleep and duration of sleep cycles. You can use the data collected by the app to learn about your sleeping habits and adjust them accordingly for better rest and energy levels during the day. Additionally, the Wind Down feature helps ease you into bedtime by dimming the lights in your bedroom, playing soothing music, or setting up a calming meditation session.

Stay Connected

Apple Watch also helps boost productivity by allowing you to receive notifications without having to pick up your phone every time it vibrates or rings. You can customize which notifications appear on the watch face as well as choose which ones appear in the Notification Center—the hub where all notifications are stored until dismissed manually or after a period of time has elapsed. This feature gives you greater control over what notifications show up on your watch face and keeps distractions at bay while maintaining connectivity with colleagues, family members or friends when needed.

Staying healthy is essential for our physical and mental well-being especially during these unprecedented times of remote work-from-home set-ups. An Apple Watch is an incredibly powerful tool that offers comprehensive health tracking features such as Activity goals, Sleep monitoring and customizable Notifications that empower us to stay fit both physically and mentally while working remotely. If you need support with any of these features or other tech related questions please reach out to TechMonk - we’re here to help!

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