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Resetting Your Screen Time Passcode on Apple Devices

Are you having trouble with your iPhone, iPad, or Mac’s Screen Time passcode?. Read on to learn how to reset your Screen Time passcode and gain back control of your device.

Resetting Your Screen Time Passcode On iPhone/iPad

The first thing you should do is open up the Settings app on your device. Then, go to Screen Time > Change Screen Time Passcode. Tap "Turn Off" and enter the old passcode if asked. You will then be able to reset the passcode by entering a new one twice. Once the new passcode is successfully entered, tap “Done” and you are all set!

Resetting Your Screen Time Passcode On Mac

To reset the screen time passcode on Mac, you will need to open System Preferences > Screen Time > Options. Click on “Change Password” and enter in the old password if asked. You will then be able to enter in a new password twice and click “OK” when finished. That’s it! Your screen time passcode has been successfully reset.

Resetting your screen time passcode does not have to be a tedious task – as long as you follow these steps closely, it should only take a few minutes before it is complete. If you ever experience any difficulty with any of your Apple products or services, don't hesitate to reach out to TechMonk today for fast and effective remote support! We are here to help make sure that all of your tech problems are solved quickly and easily.

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