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How to Turn On/Off the Low Data Mode iPhone?

How to Turn On/Off the Low Data Mode iPhone?

Want to reduce the internet data usage on your iPhone? Or, are the web pages loading at a slower rate? Then you must check out Low data mode iPhone features!

The Low Data Mode was announced in iOS 13. It helps limit data usage on both cellular & Wi-Fi.

This unique feature can make things a lot easier when you have a limited mobile data plan, low bandwidth or international traveling schedule.

In this blog, we will discuss how to enable or disable low data mode on iPhone as per your needs. Read to find out what does low data mode mean and how it works?

Let’s begin!

What Does Low Data Mode mean?

As the name suggests, Low Data Mode helps saving the data by pausing or stopping:

  • Photos, mail synchronization
  • App functionalities in background
  • Auto-updates
  • Reduces the video streaming quality

The iOS Low Data Mode is a valuable feature for mobile internet conservation. It operates by lowering broadcasting accuracy and disabling app renewals in the background. Low Data Mode can help you avoid unforeseen charges at the end of each month if your data plan is constrained.

But what happens if you want to disable Low Data Mode but don't have a limited information scheme? After all, broadcasting live in Low Data Mode causes a decrease in performance.

When you turn on low data mode iPhone; you’ll see the following major changes:

  • The configuration for Background App Reload is disabled.
  • Increased loading time for web pages.
  • There may be a drop in audio or footage broadcasting freshness.
  • Depending on whether or not you are vigorously using an app, it may prevent utilizing network data.
  • Involuntary downloads, upgrades, and clip auto-play are disabled in the App Store.
  • FaceTime-The bitrate supports reduced throughput.
  • iCloud-Alerts and backup systems for iCloud Photos are disabled.
  • Instantaneous uploads and high-definition streaming are disabled for music.
  • News-Enhanced Blogspot recovery is disabled.

How to Enable/Disable the Low Data Mode on iPhone?

Here's the procedure to activate the Low Data Mode for Wi-Fi and Mobile Data on your iPhone. You can follow the same steps to turn-off low data mode.

Low Data Mode For Wi-Fi

Low data mode iPhone
  • Go to Settings > Tap Wi-Fi.

  • Select & Join your Wi-Fi network.

  • Scroll down & you’ll see the Low Data Mode option.

  • Tap to On/Off the low data mode.

Low data mode iPhone

Low Data Mode For Mobile Data

  • Open Settings >choose Mobile Data

Low data mode iPhone
  • For 5G data, tap data mode.

  • Now Tap ‘Mobile Data Options.’

Low data mode iPhone
  • Swipe left or right to turn on/off the Low data mode iPhone

Experts Tip: You can also check the Data Intelligence Mode attribute on your iPhone 13.

Is Low Data Mode Advisable?

Utilizing the low data Mode iPhone feature could assist you in using less information. You use a support package that controls your information instead of one that offers unlimited data, even in a region with slow home internet.

Open Settings> Tap Cellular/ Mobile Data to determine your cellular internet usage.

Kindly Note: iPhone has not been designed to be operated on Low Data Mode only. As many apps stop functioning and you won’t get the real experience of using an iPhone. The purpose of this convenient Low Data Mode is meant to be used in some particular situations.

Long Story Short

Low Data Mode iPhone is a handy tool for individuals with meager data packages. It can assist in conserving valuable cellular internet and Wi-Fi network information.

So, now you know: Where is low data mode on the iPhone? You are all set to make technology easily accessible on your iPhone or iPad. For more information about Apple products or iPhone fixes, read our other blog. Happy Browsing!

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