#11 Best ways to Fix iOS 15 Notifications not working on iPhone?

#11 Best ways to Fix iOS 15 Notifications not working on iPhone?

Has your iPhone been updated to iOS 15? Unable to enjoy the latest features and check your notifications on your iPhone? No doubt iOS 15 has some ultimate features to offer. However, many iOS users have reported that enabling the new features(focus, live text, or scheduled summary) on iPhone is blocking the notifications alerts.

While according to other users, the notifications are only triggered when they use the individual app on iOS 15 or are entirely silenced.

Want to know how to fix the iOS 15 notification bug? Read this detailed article to know the tweaks, and hacks to activate the notifications on iOS 15.

How To Fix Notifications Not Working on iOS 15?

1. Disable the Focus Mode:

The new feature Focus on iOS 15 is an extension of the ‘Do Not Disturb’ or silence mode. When you enable the focus mode knowingly or unknowingly, it may filter the apps or contact notifications.

So, How do I turn off Focus on iOS 15?

  • Open the Control Center
  • Check if the ‘Focus’ mode is enabled.
  • Turn Off to trigger the notifications.

Tip:You can also browse for Settings -> Focus -> [Focus name] and tweak the People and Apps in the Allowed Notifications panel.

Experts Tip: For iOS 15 turn off focus, simply Open the iPhone’s status bar, and spot the icon to check if the focus is enabled.

2. Turn off Shared Across Devices

Have you disabled focus? Still notifications not working? Then, you need to check the Shared across devices settings. As your iPad also uses the same apple ID. Check whether the focus is still enabled on other shared apple devices.

Open Settings > Focus> Turn off the toggle for Shared across devices

3. Restart iPhone

Have you tried all our tips & tricks but still didn’t find any fix for the iOS notification bug? Sometimes iPhones become unresponsive due to minor glitches. You may encounter problems such as iOs 15 alarm not working. Well, at such times, ios 15 settings need to turn off.

Troubleshooting/ Restarting your iPhone may help trigger the notifications again.

4. Reinstall Apps

To fix the issue, you can try to uninstall and download the apps again whose notifications don’t appear on the screen. So, how to reinstall the apps?

  • Open Settings > General > iPhone Storage.
  • Tap the app you wish to remove.
  • Select the Offload App option to save the data. (the whole data will be restored when you reinstall the app.)
  • Now, Tap the Reinstall button & wait for a little!

5. Turn On Announce Notifications

  • Open Settings> Notifications menu> Tap ‘Announce Notifications’.
  • Change the status to ‘On’ for the Announce Notifications.
  • Scroll down & tap the app with notification problems.
  • Enable Announce Notifications & check the box of ‘All Notifications’.

6. Enable App Notifications

Did you know the iPhone allows you to enable or disable the notifications for individual apps?

If you are facing issues with a particular app, it’s time to check the notification settings.

Open phone Settings> Scroll down> tap the app with notification bug.

For example, if it’s facetime. What you need to do is: Tap Notifications> Toggle on to enable the Allow notifications> Change the other settings as per your preference.

7. Turn Off Notification Summary

  • Go to Settings> Browse & Tap Notifications > Tap Scheduled Summary.
  • Now, disable the scheduled summary.

Experts Tip: Track the daily notification average to check which apps staples most of the alerts.

8. Enable Notification Previews

Disabled notification previews can be one of the potential reasons why you are unable to receive the notifications. Let’s learn how to enable them.

Open Settings >Notifications> Show Previews and change the status to select Always.

9. Check Muted Apps:

Sometimes it happens that unknowingly we silence or mute the chat threads on apps like WhatsApp, Messages, Instagram, and Messenger.

To check you need to open the individual apps and click on the bell icon to unmute the chats. Or, simply touch & hold the individual chars to enable the notification alerts

10. Update the Existing Apps

When you update your iPhone with iOS 15 software, many apps stop responding due to incompatibility issues.

So, make sure you have upgraded the apps to the latest versions on your iPhone to deal with this issue.

11. Reset Settings

Finally, if nothing works out, you can reset the setting on your iPhone with iOS 15. Don’t worry, it won’t affect your personal data, important files, and data. It will only reset the network settings, permissions, and notification settings that can be reconfigured later.

Open Settings > General > Transfer/ Reset iPhone > Tap Reset all settings.

It will definitely fix the silence notification issue.

Do you get silenced notifications while the iPhone is unlocked?

Do you often use DND( do not disturb) or Silence mode? Well, let us tell you that the ‘While iPhone is Locked’ option is not available in DND mode on iOS 15.

So, you can either receive notifications for the whole time or be silenced for the lock screen as well as the home screen.

We hope you find the solution to activate the notifications again. If you have any feedback or query, just leave your message in the comment box below!

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