Apple Watch Series 8- Everything You Need To Know

Apple Watch Series 8- Everything You Need To Know

Are you curious about the latest features of the Apple Watch Series 8? Wondering when it will be released to the public? In this blog post, we will cover everything you need to know about the newest iteration of the Apple Watch. We'll also compare the features of Series 7 and 6 with those of Series 8, so that you can decide if the new model is worth its increased price tag. Read on for updates on release dates and product specifications!

Design: Apple Watch Series 8

Previously, it was rumored that Apple Watch series 8 will be introduced with a fresh design with flat edges just like iPhone 13 and iPod Pro but that just didn’t happen. The newest Apple Watch version which is Series 8 will feature the same sort of design like Apple Watch Series 7 i.e. rounded edges and no updates in chassis.

Apple Watch Series 8 Rugged

Apple is going to introduce a watch model for extreme conditions such as for hiking, athletes, sportsmen and more such experiences. The newest Apple Watch Series 8 rugged version has a larger screen and metal casting gives protection from tough situations. The display of the watch will be larger than the 1.9 inch diagonal screen size.

Screen area will be more than 7 percent than the 45mm & display resolution of 410 x 502 pixels as compared to Apple Watch Series 7. The given extra display area is to provide fitness data at one time on the Apple Watch Face. Plus, the longer battery life will record data for longer workout times. Apple Watch 2022 Series 8 will be designed with titanium alloy that gives improved resistance and protection.

The more the features, the more will be the cost. This high end Apple Watch rugged version is expensive of all the current Apple Watch Models which is $900. Due to such a high price tag, Apple is restricting itself to ship a certain number of units of the larger Apple Watch Series 8 version.

Apple Watch Series 8 Features

    • Low Power Mode

The upcoming Apple Watch may feature an updated low power mode that would allow more functions to work while battery life is being preserved.

    • Improved Battery Life

Apple Watch Series 8 will be introduced with improved battery life. As we stated above that the watch will certainly have a larger display then it will likely have a more powerful battery in that model. This feature will be rumored for the sports edition and seem to be seen in the Apple Watch 8 series standard version. Low power mode is another Apple Watch Series 8 feature to be introduced. In this, the basic functions and apps will still work by preserving the battery, however some of the background functions may get turned off.

    • New Color Options

For the aluminum version, it is rumored that Series 8 will be introduced in four colors Midnight, Starlight, PRODUCT(RED) and silver. These colors are introduced by keeping the customer feedback for Apple Watch series 7 in mind that there are no neutral colors. For this Apple decided to go for just 4 colors in place 5 (introduced for Apple Watch Series 7 - Midnight, Starlight, PRODUCT(RED), Blue and Green).

For the stainless steel version, there is no change in finishes, it will be the same as previous models like Silver, Graphite and Gold. We can expect slight changes in colors by observing the iterations of Apple year after year.

    • Screen Size

Apple Watch Series 8 will be introduced in two sizes i.e. 41mm and 45mm.It will be compatible for previous Apple Watch Bands, this is something prioritized by Apple over the years. The 45mm version is uniquely designed for adventurous and tough experiences such as gyming, sports, and athletes.

  • Apple Watch Series Processor & S8 Chip

    The Apple Watch Series 8 will have the S8 chip having all the same specifications as of S7, which means no specific changes or improvements in speed and efficiency.

Apple Watch Patents

Some really interesting technologies have been rumored to be patented by Apple in the future. Few of them are listed below-

Biometric Authentication Feature

In this, the skin pattern of the wearer will be identified by the device and ultimately eliminate the need for a password for using Apple Watch.

Self Tightening Apple Watch Band

Under this feature, the apple watch band would automatically get adjusted into the wearer’s hand while doing various vigorous activities such as work out, running so that it can measure the heart rate readings with accuracy and automatically get loosened up once the job is done.

LED Indicator

An LED indicator with Apple Watch Band will measure the progress of a task or activity so that you stop your workout after completing the task ring.

Data Tracking of Parkinson’s Patient

Apple watch can use sensors to keep track of tremors of Parkinson patients. This data can also help doctors for diagnosis and planning of patient treatment accordingly. Plus, better tracking of symptoms can be done with this data.

Touch ID and Under Display Camera

Apple is researching to integrate an under display camera and Touch ID in the side button as a fingerprint sensor. This can be used for device unlocking by user identification. Currently, a passcode is required for unlocking the Apple Watch and also when it is paired with an unlocked iPhone.

Apart from these, several other patents have been rumored including the possibility of moving hardware into the Apple Watch's band, such as speakers, batteries, speakers, haptic feedback devices, and even cameras. It will be amazing to look forward to the actual implementation of these out of the box technologies in Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Series 8: Health Features

Apple is continuously developing new and new health features with every successive model year after year. It might be possible that some of these health features are going to be introduced in Apple Watch Series 8.

  • Temperature Sensor

    Apple Watch Series 8 could include a temperature sensor that will monitor body temperature more accurately as compared to previous Apple Watch models. The algorithm has been improved overcoming the drawback of inaccurate data in Apple Watch 7 version. This was due to exposure of the body to different environments which makes it difficult for sensors to get accurate reading. Let’s look forward to what improvements Apple is going to make in 2022 Apple Watch Series 8 model.

  • Sleep Apnea Detection

    Apple is making significant research on adding Sleep Apnea detection with existing blood oxygen sensors. The issues while implementing this are frequent readings and preserving battery life. Let’s see how Apple will overcome these issues and launch this feature.

  • Car Crash Detection

    Car Crash detection feature is going to be added in Apple Watch. For measuring a spike in gravitational force the Apple watch uses sensors like an accelerometer to detect an accident. As soon as a car accident is detected, the watch would automatically dial emergency services for help. There is a high possibility that this feature is going to be launched in the Apple Watch Series 8 and iPhone 14 models. Future expansion of the Fall Detection feature can be expected in successive years.

  • Blood Glucose Monitoring

    A team of biomedical engineers are working on methods for blood glucose monitoring using optical sensors technology. This feature will definitely make its way in Apple Watch making diabetes management easy. Although this feature has been used for years in the Apple watch, this time it would likely get more accurate data.

  • Blood Pressure Measurements

    Apple has been working on an improved Blood Pressure measurement sensor to detect high blood pressure as the data was not accurate in previous models. This feature will not provide systolic and diastolic readings, but yes it will warn Apple watch users.

    Apple is working on to embed an advanced digital sensor that will monitor various biomarkers like core body temperature, blood pressure, lacate, body hydration, glucose trends, alcohol and more, using optical sensors

  • temperature

    Apple is working on to embed an advanced digital sensor that will monitor various biomarkers like core body temperature, blood pressure, lacate, body hydration, glucose trends, alcohol and more, using optical sensors

Apple Watch Series 8: Price and Release Date

On observing the strong history of iterations with every successive year, it is likely that the Apple iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Series 8, the most awaited 2022 Apple watch series will be released in the first half of September.

Apple Watch Series 8: Expected to be announced on 13 September, 2022

Apple Watch Series 7: announced September 14, 2021

Apple Watch Series 6 and SE: announced September 15, 2020

Apple Watch Series 5: announced September 10, 2019

Apple Watch Series 4: announced September 12, 2018

Apple Watch Series 3: announced September 12, 2017

Apple Watch Series 1 and 2: announced September 7, 2016

There is no long time left to wait for this ever newer and larger upgraded version of Apple Watch Series 8 . With the Labor day falling on September 5 i.e. Monday, the event may help on September 13. The price estimates followed by the previous Apple Watch 7 series can be around $399.

Share your thoughts on this big release with us in the comments section below!

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