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Apple Airpods Max Review 2022- Is It Worth Buying?

The Apple Airpods Max are the latest addition to the Airpod line by Apple. They offer several new features, including noise cancellation,Transparency Mode, Adaptive EQ, spatial audio, longer battery life and more. It gives an immersive experience while listening to music or audio calls. But is it worth upgrading to the Airpods Max? Well, you can find out answers to all your questions in this in-depth Apple AirPods Max Review.

Build and Design

Apple Airpodes Max is amongst the luxurious headphones out there. The build is strongly designed with oval shaped aluminum ear cups. The ear cups are attached to a U-shape canopy with adjustable arms. As all the materials used for its build are heavy so the overall headset is heavy as well. AirPods Max weighs 386 grams in total, which is quite heavy as compared to other headphones with similar functionalities.

AirPods Max Colors

Apple AirPods Max comes in 5 different colors: Silver, Space Gray, Sky Blue, Pink, and Green. The shades used for these are similar to the colors of 2020 iPad Air. Each color has a matching ear cushion and headband.

The padding on the ear cups can easily be changed to add more colors and variants of the headset. However, it costs you an extra amount of $69 USD.

The headband is formed from a breathable knit mesh that is sandwiched between a stainless steel frame, which Apple claims distributes the weight of the headphones across the head to make them more comfortable. A soft-touch covering covers the frame.

Digital Crown and Button

For physical controls, Apple Airpods Max have a digital crown. This digital crown enables you to control the volume, skip the volume tracks, answer phone calls, and activate Siri. This crown can be used in both rotating and pressing gestures.

Active Noise Cancellation button helps you to control between ANC and Transparency mode with the help of a button next to Digital Crown.

    Digital Crown controls-
  • Volume Control
  • Answer Calls
  • Music Control
  • Press Twice to forward a track
  • Press thrice to skip back one track
  • Press and hold to activate Siri

Airpodes Max Smart Case

Apple AirPods Max comes in a smart case that covers ear cups only which means no such protection for the headband. This smart case acts like a skin that protects the headphones from scratches and dirt. The cover not only gives an additional protection but is also designed in such a way that it preserves battery life and utilizes magnets.

Sound Quality- Active Noise Canceling

Active Noise Canceling of AirPods Max is fantastic. These headphones prevent the outer noise from reaching your ear. This makes a completely soundproof room for the person using it. But somewhere this becomes annoying, you can’t turn it off unless you have an iOS device.

The headphones have a button that has two options and toggles between transparency mode and active noise canceling mode. This can be modified with the help of an iOS device.

Spatial Audio

Spatial audio refers to surround sound technology, just like giving you an illusion that multiple speakers are placed around the listener. Apple added Spatial Audio with Dolby Atoms to Apple Music. This allows the users of Apple Airpods Max to listen to Spatial Audio Tracks. Spatial feature is active for iOS device users but not for Android and Windows users.

It gives an alluring experience to listeners while watching movies and shows. The same effect can also be achieved with headphones by processing the sound. Sounds are encoded as objects and passed through the left and right channels, which are positioned in 3D space, resulting in a surround sound sensation.

H1 Chip Features

Apple Airpodes max uses the same chips that have been used in the prior products of Apple Pro. One H1 chip is added in each cup of headset and 10 audio chores gives a magical experience for the headset. Adaptive EQ gives better sound quality and adjusts the frequencies of the sound accordingly to give consistent immersive experience. AirPods Max support Hey Siri functionality with which you can have music control or ask Siri a question.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Is AirPods Max Waterproof?

Unfortunately, Airpods max are not waterproof and are not even water resistant. So whenever you get into a rainstorm or poolside then just turn it off and stop. Many such kinds of headset are made like this. These are portable so it’s easy to protect them from water.

Is the AirPods Max Worth It?

Apple Max AirPods have a worth of $549 USD. Although it has numerous smart features such as auto pause, Siri functionality, music control, volume control, immersive sound quality, great battery life, but yes it’s overpriced. However, this price is justified when you don’t want to compromise on the sound quality. The build is also very fantastic, so all in all review of Apple Airpods is positive and a great choice to go for.

Is the AirPods Max Microphone Good?

AirPods Max has a microphone in each cup of headset which enables clear phone calls. The headset has six outward-facing microphones for noise detection from the environment, and two inward-facing microphones for measuring the wearer's hearing. In its Active Noise Cancellation mode the voice calls are clear even if it's a windy day.

Can I use the AirPods Max Wired?

AirPods Max 3.5mm headphone jack that enables you to use it in wired form. For using it wired, you need to buy an additional 3.5mm audio cable at an additional cost $35 USD. You will need an additional adaptor to make it audible through an iOS device. There is no other way to drive AirPods Max in all wired connections.

How long does the AirPods Max Battery Last?

AirPods Max have battery life upto 20 hours while using all functionalities such as listening to music, audio calling with Active Noise Cancellation mode.

What is the procedure for charging AirPods Max?

For charging a smart case has been provided by Apple that puts the headset in an ultralow power state to preserve the battery of the Airpods mac when these are not in use. AirPods Max gets charged using lightnin, a five minute charge is capable of giving 1.5 hours of listening time.

Can we connect AirPods Max to Android or Windows?

Yes definitely, we can connect AirPods to Android devices. However on connecting it to Android you may miss out some features. To connect the AirPods Max with Android or Windows follow the given steps-
  • Take the headphone out of the case.
  • Press the Noise Canceling button at the top right ear cup.
  • When the LED blinks at the bottom of the right ear when you are in pairing mode.
  • Open the Bluetooth settings of the device that you want to pair.
  • Locate the AirPods Max device. Now your device has been connected successfully.

What Is the Transparency Mode?

AirPods Max has two modes, one is Active Noise Cancellation Mode and other Transparency Mode. Transparency mode feature uses external microphones to amplify external sounds in useful voice bands, in place of canceling them out. This means neither external sound nor internal sound get distorted with the use of transparency mode. It applies the microphones to match with the music what you are listening to.


This was all about Apple Airpods Max Review 2022. The Apple Airpods Max are the perfect addition to any iPhone or iPad. It is stuffed with great sound quality and all of the features that you would expect from a top-of-the-line product.If you are in the market for a headset, I would definitely recommend you to consider AirPods Max. However, price is a factor which is a little expensive but for such high functionality, it is justifiable. So,if you are planning to buy a new set of headphones, be sure to check out the Apple Airpods Max from Techmonk Labs. You will definitely get a great deal on our store!

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